Genealogy Interest Group

Next  Mtg.-- 22nd. March  2018

 Date : Fourth Thursday every month .   Time : 9.30 am 

Location: Christchurch Football Club, 250 Westminster St. Mairehau.


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Updated 28th..Feb. 2018


Genealogy Interest Group

Report from the 22nd Feb 2018 Mtg.

The first meeting for 2018 was well attended, very good to catch up with the group again.

The subject of DNA testing was mentioned; Ivy, who has previously made contact with several people through DNA matching, noted her success in adding another relative to her tree. On a personal basis, curiosity about ancestral ethnic grouping of  ancestors led me to do a test. The results are fairly typical with a preponderance of Scandinavian, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh; some South Europe and a little African.

A concern for some people is, what happens to my DNA? It is possible anonymized DNA results are sold to ‘medical’ research companies if you give them consent. – for information do a Goggle search for ‘what happens to my DNA results’. 

Cathrine showed how to access FindmyPast blogs, valuable research aids. On FindmyPast home page click Blog on top toolbar then click the Settings icon (3 bars). Topics are shown in the drop down menu, click Social history, this opens a great range of fascinating articles including some with videos. An alternative is to look on You Tube and search for ‘Findmypast webinars for Genealogists’ – have fun!

The NZSG Conference will be in Christchurch in June 2018. This a great gathering of genealogists, speakers and demos over the Queens Birthday weekend. Have a look a their website;

Forces War Records

An enjoyable and informative meeting.


Genealogy SIG Convenor

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