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Updated 2nd.Aug. 2018


Genealogy Interest Group

Next  Mtg.-- 23rd.August 2018

 Date : Fourth Thursday every month .   Time : 9.30 am 

Genealogy SIG Report 28th.July 2018

Nine members braved the cold to attend our meeting this morning. During a discussion about Family History books, Robyn told us about creating a separate book containing photos of the child from baby to current age, for each of her children. Older children presented with theirs, younger to get theirs when old enough to appreciate.

Elaine mentioned a 30th birthday when the family were presented with a T Shirt printed with photo collage of family.

A warning by Stan about scams. An email with a Survey from Whitakers Chocolate with a promise of a present when returned. During the follow-up a credit card number was requested to cover postage for the present – later charges against the card were made which gave every indication of continuing. The credit card was destroyed. Be careful; don’t click links in unsolicited message email messages, check this site https://www.consumerprotection.govt.nz/general-help/scamwatch/

Cathrine gave us an excellent talk about going through all collected paper records to check details and re-organize into direct line, male and female family folders. The use of acid-free folders and/or clear pockets for certificates and photos is recommended, some available from the Warehouse Stationary which are reasonably priced. A big job but worthwhile.

After a break we looked at some of the charts brought to the meeting, Shaun brought a circular chart, David brought several large charts, some created by the Tree Draw program and others by Charting Companion, both very good versatile programs. More info for Tree Draw go to http://treedraw.spansoft.org/ Charting Companion go to https://progenygenealogy.com/

To finish the meeting we look at a short segment of a YouTube video on Parish records. Video, open https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wwe7Ry4Vn0k or search You Tube for Parish Records, select video ‘Understanding Parish Records’.

Thanks to those attending today.

David Rowe

Genealogy SIG convenor





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