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Updated 27th.May 2018


Genealogy Interest Group

Next  Mtg.-- 24th.June 2018

 Date : Fourth Thursday every month .   Time : 9.30 am 

Gen SIG May 2018

During our meeting this morning Philippa told about having her DNA tested and that an expected Indian connection was not there. Other members of her family have had the same result. The expectation was due to a family story regarding Indian input in the ancestral line. Suggestions from the group included English ancestors living / working in India during the British Raj but not intermarrying. Cathrine recommend a book ‘Ribbons among the Rajahs’ Author, Patrick Wheeler. Publisher, Pen & Sword History, 2017.   

Cathrine gave an extremely interesting talk showing how various research sources were used to find details of the connection in her ancestral line from UK to India to UK to NZ.  Cathrine used – the book ‘Ribbons among the Rajahs’; and the websites Family Search;  Find My Past;  Ancestry;  My Heritage;  Scotlands People;  and FIBIS (Families in British India) https://www.fibis.org/, this is a great site for British Indian research. The talk was a great demonstration of how information from one source can lead to others – and the need to persevere, Genealogy websites are constantly added data so need repeat visits. 

 Later we looked at an article from the Lost Cousins website on DNA called ‘What to do with your DNA results’  – if interested in getting a copy let me know, it can be sent as an attachment to an email message.

Also a Newsletter from Findmypast with many informative articles --


Winter is upon us – great time for doing the research you’ve been putting off!

Thanks to all for an interesting meeting. 



SeniorNet Canterbury Genealogy SIG Convenor.




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