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Updated 4th.Oct.. 2018


Genealogy Interest Group

Next  Mtg.-- 25th.Oct. 2018

 Date : Fourth Thursday every month .   Time : 9.30 am 

Genealogy SIG Report 27th.Sept. 2018

During early discussion Pat asked how she could enhance a print of an early French Parish Record. The text was very indistinct, enlarging the print was the obvious suggestion but had been tried. Unfortunately no other suggestions appear able to help. Perhaps increasing the contrast in a photo editing program may assist. Robyn asked about FreeBMD. It is a part of the Free UK Genealogy family, which also includes Free CEN (Census data) and FreeREG (Parish Regis-ters). FreeBMD volunteers are transcribing Civil Registration Index records from 1837. To search the rec-ords that are available click on the Search button then use filters to narrow search. We did search for some specific records resulting in a ‘possible’ entry. Go to https://www.freebmd.org.uk/ Scanned Index pages may be available.

Shaun has been researching his connection with the Cody family and told us about some interesting mem-bers of that family that included William Frederick "Buffalo Bill" Cody. Occupation: Soldier, Scout, Hunter, Showman. Fascinating history, to read about the Cody’s do a search on Google.

We also looked at a article from the NZSG Canterbury Newsletter entitled Chinese Corner similarities be-tween Chinese and Maori: surprising number of similarities.

The Lost Cousins Newsletter is always interesting, an article this month on London Grave Errors, just shows that we shouldn’t take inscriptions or transcriptions at face value, all details should be checked using other sources: read it at the following address ---- https://www.lostcousins.com/newsletters2/latesep18news.htm

Tip: on a web page highlight text at the beginning of an article, right-click on the highlighted section and click ‘Read aloud’.

Parish Records: we watched a small part of a very good video on You Tube, the video was created by the Auckland City Library, go to the address below:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vht2mMLZkbg or search on You Tube for Parish Records, Auckland City Library Lunch time series.

Thanks to all attending and participating, we always learn a little more!

David Rowe

Genealogy SIG Convener





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