Genealogy Interest Group

Next  Mtg.-- 22nd.Feb.  2018

 Date : Fourth Thursday every month .   Time : 9.30 am 

Location: Christchurch Football Club, 250 Westminster St. Mairehau.


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Updated 8th..Nov.. 2017


Genealogy Interest Group

Genealogy SIG Report 26 October 2017

Charmaine showed a 6 generation relationship chart in A3 format, the chart in has relationships hand written in a calligraphic style ready to insert your own family details. Charmaine also mentioned an invitation she received to attend a reception for the visiting Irish President.

DNA testing was discussed; Ivy and Joan had their results showing ethnicity percentages and the number of matches. The test can result in contact with relatives but not necessarily close relationship.

Elaine showed us her report of her relations connection with count Von Luckner as commander of the German raider ‘Seeadler’ in the pacific in 1917.

Groves told us about sending a gedcom file to a relative in Auckland. The file was created in Legacy Family Tree, ‘notes’ were missing when imported into another program With Legacy installed the file imported correctly..

Always useful to go back to websites and check what has been updated, Cathrine demonstrated the way to access new records on Go to select the country from the drop down dialog box.

For long term storage of certificates best to use acid free paper and plastic sleeves, look at also local office supply shops.

Forces War Records website Interactive WW1 troop movement maps  – website; open link ‘Search WW1 Troop Map’ in Quick Links on left. Track progress of units throughout the course of the First World War to the closing battle Battle of Amiens. Full access requires a subscription.

David Rowe

Genealogy SIG Convenor.








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