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Course Details   

Introduction to Computers One  ($20.00) 

A 4 week course for new members who have not used a computer before, or for members who wish to refresh their basic computer knowledge.  The course covers the basics of computers using the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system and is designed to reduce any fears or worries you may have about computers in general.   

Introduction to Computers Two ($40)
This four week course is recommended as a progression in the learning process and follows on from ‘Introduction to Computers One’. Course uses Microsoft Word 2010 as a basis to learn and understand the process of saving documents to specific folders and locating and opening again. How to save to and open files, use of a USB Pen Drive. Office Word document window layout and use of the Ribbon to access menus, tools and other editing and formatting functions; using copy and paste.  Use text formatting options, font, point sizes and colours.  Insert Clip Art, Word Art and pictures.  The skills taught in this Course are an essential part of building confidence with computer use and is a basis for understanding files and folders before moving on to File Management and other more advanced Courses. 

File Management Part 1 (2 Weeks $20)This course is the first of two File Management courses, each of two weeks. The course will help you understand the way files and folders are organised on your computer, and will help you avoid the annoying problem of lost files. The skills learnt enable you to take control of files and folders and enable you to take more advanced Courses and Workshops. Course covers Windows 10 Desktop: defining Files, Folders, Apps & Programs.  Examines File Explorer, organization and layout; The Folder hierarchy; File names and File Extensions. Making use of a USB Pen Drive.

File Management-Part 2  (2 Weeks $20)

This 2 week course is the second of the File Management courses and extends the skills learnt in File Management Part 1. You will learn how to manipulate Windows, use the Snap option.  File Explorer layout options, changing views in the Contents Pane. How to pin a Shortcut to Taskbar and Start screen. Personalize your computer to look and work the way you prefer, change Desktop background colours. Rearrange the layout of your files and folders; Create new folders and rename files and folders; File Options; Using the Search facility; Delete files and folders and use of the Recycle Bin. 

Getting to Know Windows 10 (2-Wks.$20)

This 2 week course is for members who have been using a computer for some time but have upgraded to Windows 10 and want to understand many of the new features. , like.  Course covers new features like the Edge Browser (replacement of Internet Explorer) the Start Menu, Taskbar and Pinning Program Shortcuts:  Personalizing Windows 10, Backup & File History, Notification Area, a few of the many Keyboard Shortcuts / Shutdown Options. Windows 10 Settings, File Explorer, the Photos App and Close Down or Sleep Options.

Using Your Laptop  (2 Weeks $15)
A two week course during which you will learn some of the ways to keep your computer in good working order. The course includes; Brief overview of b
acking up data. Keeping safe on the Internet using anti-Virus, anti-Spy and Adware programs; scanning the computer and a USB drive; Install an Anti-malware Program and un-install unused programs. Adjust settings for Automatic Updates. How to use Disk Clean-up to remove temporary and unnecessary files and Internet browsing history. Setting up File History, using System Restore and Windows 10 PC Reset. Remove items from Startup and how to keep the computer screen and hardware clean. 

PowerPoint 2010 (2 Weeks $15) 

Creating a Presentation/Slidehow using PowerPoint.- the presentation program in the Microsoft Office suite that allows you to create slide presentations/slideshows that can integrate images, video, text, narration and more.  It can be used to accompany and illustrate a talk or discussion and is a great way of creating a slideshow of your favourite photos.



Advanced Word 2007 / 2010 /2013 ($40.00) 
Four week course - covers the advanced features of Word 2007 / 2010 or 2013.  Designed for members who have completed the Intro Two Word 2007 / 2010 or 2013 course and wish to learn more about Word. Subjects covered include Customizing Word; Using Find and Replace; Text Highlights and Text Colour; Drop Caps; Indents; Pagination; Headers and Footers; Templates; Inserting Text boxes and pictures: Formatting pictures; Using Tables and Columns.  Learn and enjoy the numerous ways documents can be enhanced and made interesting. 

Photoshop Elements 2  ($40.00)
Four week course.  For members interested in digital photography and would like to learn the basics of digital photo editing Photoshop Elements 2 is the ideal program. The course covers the use many of the tools necessary to enhance, repair and restore photos. You will learn about using layers, selecting elements in a photo, and many more processes in the program.  The course is suitable for members who have completed more basic photo editing programs such as Editing & Resizing Photos (IrfanView) and Picasa or have some prior experience with photo editing programs.

Legacy Family Tree (Genealogy Program)  ($40.00)
This four week course is designed for members undertaking family history research who wish to learn how to use the popular family history computer program ‘Legacy Family Tree’. The program helps you record and organise all your genealogical research data and pictures. With Legacy you can print and export many types or reports and books. A copy of the free-ware program is supplied at the start of the course. Family history research is not part of the course.

Picasa (Photo Organising Program)  ($40.00) 

Four 2-hour sessions – Picasa3 is a free photograph viewing and organizing program. This Course covers many of the functions of Picasa.  The program has easy-to-use basic photo editing functions to allow some image problems to be corrected, and has a powerful search function to help locate mislaid pictures.  Create a picture collage or poster, add a border, print using various layouts, make a gift CD with a self-starting slideshow.  Picasa does not store photos but accesses them from the My Pictures folder. The program is a good starting point for anyone interested in digital photo editing

Excel Advanced 4 Weeks ($40)

This course is for members who have attended our ‘Introduction to Excel’ Workshop or had previous experience with Excel. The course is based on Excel 2007 but is applicable to other versions.  The first week includes:  Exploring the basic worksheet; Editing a worksheet; Data entry; Selecting cells and Editing worksheet.  In week two: Changing the screen display; Formatting a worksheet; Printing a worksheet.  Week three covers an introduction to formulas and functions in a worksheet.  The final week covers managing and filtering data: Creating a chart: Using drawing tools and other uses of a spreadsheet.

iPad Tablets (2 Weeks $15)

Do you have an iPad tablet and are puzzling over some of the functions and how to do certain things? This two week course could be what youi looking for. The first lesson covers the main iPad Controls, power/sleep and volume buttons. Connect to WiFi, set up an iCloud Account; use and rearrange Apps. Taking and viewing photos; re-set the iPad Sleep Interval. The second lesson covers more advanced settings and features. The Notification Centre and Control Centre. Email and attachments; Contacts app. Updating Software, change home screen wallpaper. Using the Photos app to edit and insert frames etc. Typing on the iPad using the the Notes App.  For new or experienced users, we are sure you will enjoy and benefit from this course. 

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