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15th.July 2018




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 Trade Me 161 20-July Fri 9:45am 6
 Introduction to EXCEL 162 20-July Fri 12noon 6
 How to Edit and Resize using Irfanview 163 23-July Mon 12noon 6
  Getting to Know the Win 10 "EDGE" Browser 164 24-July Tue 2:15pm 1
 How to Burn Movies to DVD 165 25-July Wed 12noon 6
 Backing up Data 166 27-July Fri 9:45am 6
 Smart Phone-Advanced (Android) 152 30-July Mon 12noon 1
 Smart Phone-Beginners(Android) 167 13-Aug Mon 12noon 6
 Copy Photos from Camera or Phone 170 1-Aug Wed 12noon 6
 Files & Folders Refresher 171 1-Aug Wed 2:15pm 6
 Gmail 172 3-Aug Fri 9:45am 6
 How to Burn Videos to DVD 173 6-Aug Mon 12noon 6
 Intro to Excel 174 6-Aug Mon 2:15pm 6
 Understanding Your Laptop 175 8-Aug Wed 2:15pm 6
 How to Download from YouTube 176 10-Aug Fri 2:15pm 6
 Smart Phone-Beginners(Android) 167 13-Aug Mon 12noon 4
 Backing Up Data 177 13-Aug Mon 2:15pm 6
 How to Edit Videos with WIN Movie Maker 178 17-Aug Fri 2:15pm 6
 Facebook 179 20-Aug Mon 9:45am 6
 Making a Greetings Card 180 20-Aug Mon 12noon 6
 Trade Me 181 22-Aug Wed 12noon 6
 How to Burn Movies to DVD 182 24-Aug Fri 2:15pm 6
 Smart Phone-Intermediate (Android) 168 27-Aug Mon 12noon 3
 Smart Phone-Intermediate (Android) 183 31-Aug Fri 12noon 6
 Smart Phone-Advanced (Android) 169 10-Sept Mon 12noon 1


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