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Workshops Information

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How is it Organised? Workshops are single sessions of two hours, in which specific aspects  are taught. 

Most Workshops are Hands-On ;  others are Demonstrations . 

All cost $15. Pay at the Class.

Bookings are essential. Telephone 385-4643 to reserve a place.    

 NOTE: ‘Introduction to Computers Part 2’ and File Management Courses are recommended before attending Workshops marked with an * (asterisk)


                                      Click on LINKS BELOW for Workshops' Contents.

Internet Browsing Windows EDGE



Making a Xmas and New Year Greetings Card

Files and Folders Refresher

Booking Flights Online

Introduction to Excel

Backing Up Photos and Files

Tablets (Android) Part 1

 Tablets (Android) Part 2

Files & Folders Refresher


Facebook-Part 1

Facebook- Part2

How to -- Edit Videos Using Moviemaker

Getting to Know Windows EDGE Browser




Using a Digital Camera

Download Pictures from Your Digital Device

E-Mail Basics

Booking Hotels on-Line

Photo Editing and Resizing (Irfanview)

Online Banking

Smartphone Beginners (Android)

Smartphones- Intermediate (Android)

Smartphone Advansed (Android)

Introduction to Excel

Understanding Your Laptop


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