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Tablets- Part 1(Android)                                  To Return to Courses Availability...... Click HERE

Two week course for members with a tablet using the Android operating system. If you are a new user or have been using the tablet for some time but find some aspects/functions of the tablet puzzling this course will help you become familiar and comfortable with your tablet.  During the classes you are encouraged to ask questions and will be given individual help with your tablet. 

TABLETS -Part 2(Android)                                        To Return to Courses Availability...... Click HERE

A follow-up to Part 1 Covers more advance features;  download and install/uninstall an app, use the Android Browser to search on the Internet; add bookmarks: to use Notes, select text and cut, copy and paste. You will use the File Manager, the Settings app, email settings, mail accounts, add a mail signature.  Copying files between Tablet and PC, Backup and restore data will be demonstrated.

Using Skype                                                               To Return to Courses Availability...... Click HERE

This program uses your computer and the Internet to make telephone calls to anywhere in the world, including video calls.  Calls to other SKYPE users are free and calls to ordinary telephone connections cost about 3 cents per minute. Tablets, laptops and Desktops are covered.

Trade Me                                                                    To Return to Courses Availability...... Click HERE

The Workshop covers the basics of using the Trade Me on-line auction web site. Includes setting up an account / searching for an item to buy / placing a bid on an item to purchase.  How to place an item on Trade Me including pictures and a brief look at paying for a purchase. The workshop will get you started and give you confidence to buy and sell on Trade Me.

Facebook Part 1                                                        To Return to Courses Availability...... Click HERE

Facebook is a social media website to connect people and share experiences and photos etc., having a Facebook account can be a useful way to keep in touch with family and friends and become part of online life. During this Workshop you will set up an account; add your profile; explore Facebook Home page; brief look at privacy basics; log out of Facebook.  

Facebook Part 2                                                       To Return to Courses Availability...... Click HERE

An important Workshop for members who have attended the Facebook Part 1 Workshop or are currently Facebook users but want to learn more.  Covers how to add Photos to your page: how to set many of the important Privacy & Sharing settings: Timeline and Tagging Settings: The Activity log and Friend lists: Apps and games privacy: Blocking unwanted communication: Advertisements and your privacy. 

Making a Greetings (Xmas) Card                                        To Return to Courses Availability...... Click HERE

This Workshop shows students how to prepare a simple card using Microsoft Publisher 2010.  The Workshop takes you through the process of creating a Birthday card or Christmas card using the Publisher template and graphics supplied to students on a UB Flash Drive. At the end of the Workshop the completed card can be printed. The Workshop notes supplied cover the process followed so students can create and print their own cards at home.  

Power Point                                        To Return to Courses Availability...... Click HERE

Creating a Presentation/Slidehow using PowerPoint.- the presentation program in the Microsoft Office suite that allows you to create slide presentations/slideshows that can integrate images, video, text, narration and more.  It can be used to accompany and illustrate a talk or discussion and is a great way of creating a slideshow of your favourite photos.

Getting to Know the  Win 10 Edge Browser                 To Return to Courses Availability...... Click HERE

This new 2 hour Workshop is designed to show you what you have been missing when using Microsoft Windows 10 Edge, the browser that replaces the earlier Internet Explorer.  Many new tools are included in Edge all helping to make your browsing and searching on the Internet more efficient and interesting. The Workshop will cover Edge browser overview; Changing the home page; Searching using tabs; Add a page to Favorites; Using the Hub (a centre point for access to other tools) Add notes, highlights to a webpage; Snip sections from a page and paste into a document. A look at Edge settings, make changes to Edge to look and operate the way you prefer. You are sure to enjoy and get helpful information from this Workshop.







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