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Updated 27th.May2018



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Download Pictures from a Digital Camera to a Computer     

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For this two hour Hands-on Workshop students will bring their own digital camera and learn how to download pictures from your camera onto the computer.  Covers creating and organizing Picture Folders on the computer. Connecting the Camera to the Computer; Using a USB Card Reader. Download Photos using Windows Explorer and Picasa.

Backing Up Your Photos/Files                     To Return to Courses Availability...... Click HERE

We have all heard stories of people who have had a computer fail or stolen losing all their documents/pictures/videos, sometimes years of work. With a regularly updated backup all those files can be replaced.  An up-to-date backup can also be used to transfer files from for instance Windows XP to a new computer.

Although Windows 7 / 8/8.1 and 10 come with a backup program that can be used, restoring from the backup can be a little difficult.  In this workshop we will be backing up your files using the more straightforward method of copy and paste to a USB Pen Drive or External Hard Drive, a method suitable for backing up from all operating systems including Windows XP.

We will only be backing up files that you have created such as Word documents, Excel Spreadsheets, pictures from your digital camera, email contacts and messages.  The Workshop does not cover backing up the operating system files or backing up programs which can be replaced using the original CD/DVD etc. 

Trade Me                                                      To Return to Courses Availability...... Click HERE

The Workshop covers the basics of using the Trade Me on-line auction web site. Includes setting up an account / searching for an item to buy / placing a bid on an item to purchase.  How to place an item on Trade Me including pictures and a brief look at paying for a purchase. The workshop will get you started and give you confidence to buy and sell on Trade Me.

Online Banking                                         To Return to Courses Availability...... Click HERE                      

The workshop is designed to help senior Kiwis feel more comfortable and confident when it comes to using Online Banking and provide an interactive ‘hands on’ experience of Online Banking. The workshops will cover a number of topics including; what is Online Banking, how to keep safe online, how to register and log-in, and how to complete transactions online.   

Some Classes are run in conjunction with WestPac.

Using a Digital Camera                                To Return to Courses Availability...... Click HERE    

If you have a digital camera and would like to find out more about the various functions on the camera this Workshop will help.  Members bring their camera to the workshop, after a discussion on the general principles of using the digicam tutors will assist on an individual basis. Functions on different makes of digital cameras vary so the Workshop is limited to 4 members to ensure individual attention.



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