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Update 27th.May 2018



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Making a Xmas and New Year Greetings Card               To Return to Workshop Availability...... Click HERE

One 2-hour Session: This Workshop shows students how to prepare a simple card using Microsoft Publisher.  Full instructions are included in the notes on how to use the program for this purpose and a CD is supplied with Clip Art suitable for many occasions (for instance Xmas). Instructions are included on printing the card and students are able to print their card prepared as part of the Workshop

Photo Editing and Re-Sizing (Irfanview)                        To Return to Workshop Availability...... Click HERE

Do you own a digital camera?  Would like to learn a little about manipulating your photos on your computer?A good starting point is our two hour workshop using the very good little free program called ‘IrfanView’.

The program is ideal for viewing photos, particularly when they are too large to fit on screen, also cropping and resizing digital photos and has some basic editing tools. It is compatible with all Microsoft Windows operating systems, a copy of the program is included in the workshop.

The workshop will cover; installation of the program, opening and saving an image, some enhancing, resizing and cropping an image.  Members attending the workshop do not need any previous photo editing experience, so come along and get started.

Introduction to Excel                                                         To Return to Workshop Availability...... Click HERE

This workshop has been introduced as members asked to learn about spreadsheets, but do not wish to spend 4 weeks in a course. A simple spreadsheet and a database will be prepared so that the principles of these very useful routines can be learned.

GMail                                                                                   To Return to Workshop Availability...... Click HERE

This 2 hour Workshop will help you to understand the basics of Gmail. It included setting up a Gmail account; an overview of the Gmail interface; sending/receiving email messages; sending/receiving attachments; opening an attachment; Contacts and Gmail settings.

How to Download from YouTube                                   To Return to Workshop Availability...... Click HERE

A new single session workshop showing how to download videos viewed on YouTube and save to a folder on your computer. Once saved the video can then be viewed off line and also transferred to a tablet or smart phone for viewing at a later date, away from a Wi-Fi connection.

To download from YouTube a program is required, this is available free on the internet and if downloaded from the right site, is bug and advert free. The program is easy to use, practically one click and the video is recorded.

If you would like to see this program, how it works, and would how to install on your computer, book into the workshop on the SeniorNet Canterbury website.

Copying/Moving Pictures from Your Phone, Tablet etc to your Laptop/PC.       To Return to Workshop Availability...... Click HERE

For this Workshop students bring their own Digital camera, Android phone or Tablet and learn how to download pictures from your camera onto the computer.  Covers creating and organizing Picture Folders on the computer; Connecting the Camera to the Computer; Using a USB Card Reader; Download Photos using File Explorer.

Files and Folders Refresher                                         To Return to Workshop Availability...... Click HERE

This Workshop is for members who have completed the File Management courses but wish to refresh their skills. Maybe you did the file Management course some time ago and have forgotten some of the basics, which we all can do! The  Workshop covers: Opening and revisiting File Explorer: Create and save a document to a new folder; Locate and open the saved  document: Organize files: Separate & copy files

Changing views in File Explorer: Selecting the program that opens a file: Locate computer specifications.




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