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Update 21st.Feb. 2017


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Understanding (Android) Smartphone- Beginners          To Return to Courses Availability...... Click HERE

This Workshop is aimed at members who have just purchased a Smartphone or have one but need help with the complex subject of Android Phones. We will guide you through the Orientation of the Smartphone, making & receiving calls, adding Contact Nos . Text Messaging: How to send and receive a message. Common Android Icons explained

Understanding (Android) Smartphones - Intermediate      To Return to Workshop Availability...... Click HERE

This Workshop is for members who have completed Part 1 and want to increase their knowledge, or anyone who feels confident in using the basics of their Smartphone. Our 2nd Class includes: Looking at the Phone Settings in more detail. Connecting to a Wi-Fi system whilst out and about; Using Mobile Data, Taking Photos and using the Gallery/Pictures App; Adding Photos to a text.

Understanding (Android) Smartphones- Advanced                              to Return to Workshop Availability...... Click HERE

For members who have completed Smart Phone Workshops Part 1 and Part 2. If you would like to understand more about smart phones settings and apps you will enjoy this Workshop, it covers using the App Store, looking at some of the very useful apps, down loading and installing an app. During this Workshop you will get personal attention and discover how to get more value from your phone. 

Introduction to Excel                                            to Return to Workshop Availability...... Click HERE

Excel is a very versatile and useful program included in the Microsoft Office package. This workshop covers the basics of creating a spreadsheet and is a great way to get a grounding in the program. A simple spreadsheet and will be prepared so that the principles of these very useful routines can be learned. For those wishing to learn more about Excel a four week course is available.

Booking a Flight on Line                                     to Return to Workshop Availability...... Click HERE

This Workshop will demonstrate how to book your flight on the internet, looking in detail at the Air New Zealand & Jetstar Sites and many others. During the two hour session discussion will cover how to get the best deal and what traps to look for.

Files and Folders Refresher                                to Return to Workshop Availability...... Click HERE

This Workshop is for members who have completed the File Management courses but wish to refresh their skills. Maybe you did the file Management course some time ago and have forgotten some of the basics, which we all can do! The  Workshop covers: Opening and revisiting File Explorer: Create and save a document to a new folder; Locate and open the saved  document: Organize files: Separate & copy files

Changing views in File Explorer: Selecting the program that opens a file: Locate computer specifications.






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