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TABLETS (Android) Part 1                                    to Return to Workshop Availability...... Click HERE
This workshop is for members with a tablet using the Android operating system. If you are a new user or have been using the tablet for some time but find some aspects/functions of the tablet puzzling this course will help you become familiar and comfortable with your tablet.  During the classes you are encouraged to ask questions and will be given individual help with your tablet. 

E-Mail Workshop                                                          to Return to Workshop Availability...... Click HERE

NOT Gmail      This 2 hour Workshop will help you understand the basics of email. Email programs can be on your personal computer. GMail is not covered as there is a Workshop specifically covering this topic. Workshop includes basic processes of sending / receiving email messages; sending / receiving attachments; opening an attachment; sending and receiving messages when away from home.  

Backing Up Data                                                       to Return to Workshop Availability...... Click HERE

Donít take the risk of a computer failure with the subsequent loss of all documents/pictures/videos, maybe years of work. With a regularly updated backup all those files can be replaced.  An up-to-date backup can also be used to transfer files to a new computer. The workshop covers backing up your files to a USB Pen Drive or External Hard Drive, using the copy and paste method. We will also look at the Windows 10 File History app, this can be set to automatically back up user files such as Word documents, Excel Spreadsheets, Photos, Email contacts and messages.  The Workshop does not cover backing up the operating system files or backing up programs which can be replaced using the original CD/DVD etc. 

Download from Your Digital Device                      to Return to Workshop Availability...... Click HERE

For this Workshop students bring their own digital camera and learn how to download pictures from your camera onto the computer.  Covers creating and organizing Picture Folders on the computer. Connecting the Camera to the Computer; Using a USB Card Reader. Download Photos using Windows Explorer and Picasa.

Excel (Introduction)                                                 to Return to Workshop Availability...... Click HERE

Excel is a very versatile and useful program included in the Microsoft Office package. This workshop covers the basics of creating a spreadsheet and is a great way to get a grounding in the program. A simple spreadsheet and will be prepared so that the principles of these very useful routines can be learned. For those wishing to learn more about Excel a four week course is available.

Understanding and Using Your Laptop                                                 to Return to Workshop Availability...... Click HERE

This Workshop will help members new to laptops become familiar with many aspects of the compact computer. Workshop covers; external connections, keyboard, touchpad, battery care, power settings, using the Sleep mode, connecting USB Flash drives and Antivirus programs. 

Vodafone EMail Help                                         to Return to Workshop Availability...... Click HERE

Vodafone email addresses will cease to operate on 30th.Nov. This effects several servers.(see below). For those with one of these accounts, these workshops will help setting up a new account and transferring contacts etc. to a new service..

Affected servers:   es.co.nz ∑ ihug.co.nz ∑ pcconnect.co.nz ∑ quik.co.nz ∑ vodafone.co.nz ∑ vodafone.net.nz ∑ wave.co.nz

 TABLETS- Part 2 (Android) 

A follow-up to Part 1 Ė Covers more advance features;  download and install/uninstall an app, use the Android Browser to search on the Internet; add bookmarks: to use Notes, select text and cut, copy and paste. You will use the File Manager, the Settings app, email settings, mail accounts, add a mail signature.  Copying files between Tablet and PC, Backup and restore data will be demonstrated.







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