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   What is SeniorNet ?

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SeniorNet  was created as the result of a research project in the USA some 25+years ago, which discovered  that the older members of society were being left behind in the changing world of technology.There are now around 70 SeniorNet Learning Centres in  New Zealand. Our Centre, SeniorNet Canterbury recently celebrated its 25th. Anniversary.

SeniorNet Canterbury Inc. is a non-profit-making organisation, which has lessons for members using  Microsoft Windows computers and recently we have added the newer devices to our Classes - Tablets, iPADs and Smart Phones. Membership of SeniorNet Canterbury is open to those over the age of 50, with an Annual Subscription of $30. The objective is to provide tuition in a friendly atmosphere, so members can become confident and competent using computers.

Class Arrangements: All classes have a maximum of 6 Students with 2 Tutors, each student works on a computer in our Learning Centre; the Tutor uses a central Master computer that has projection capability for demonstration purposes.


Tutors: all are members of SeniorNet canterbury who volunteer their time and expertise.They are the same age group as the students and have been through the same learning process so they understand the learning process from the students perspective.

A wide range of Courses and Workshops are available. Courses are 2 or 4 weeks with one 2 Hour lesson each week: Workshops are a single 2 Hour lesson session.

Cost to members: Workshops-$10; 2 weeks Course-$20 and 4 weeks Course-$40.


Classes: are held each workday, except Thursdays, when Committees and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) meet. Also available are Workshops on Facebook, Internet Banking, Trade Me, Photo Transfer, Skype and other topics..

The List of Courses and Workshops changes monthly and is viewable on this website (links are in the left column of this webpage).


Help Sessions: "Drop-In" Help for Software & Technical issues and for help with lesson practice are available to all members on Tuesdays from 12:00 noon to 2:00pm. No pre-booking is necessary for these sessions,. A small  charge is made for Help Sessions to contribute to the Centre's running costs.


Individual Tuition Sessions: We have recently added Individual Tuition Sessions (ITSs) to our Classes, for members who feel a One -to-One approach might better suit them.


Social Afternoons: are held at 2:00pm on the third Thursday of April, August and November with interesting speakers at each. Refreshments are served after the Speaker has drawn the raffle prizes, and members are then able to socialize.




 Waiver Any information included in this web site is given in good faith and is to be taken at the recipients risk and imposes no responsibility or liability of any kind either on those providing such help or advice or the tutors of SeniorNet Canterbury Inc