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Webpage update -- 10th.Nov... 2018



 Music and Video Interest Group 

                      NEXT Mtg. 21st.FEB 2019

                                               Date : Second Thursday every month . Time :  12.00 pm

Report for Music and Video SIG November 2018

Today’s  meeting started with a discussion on how to retrieve some footage from an older video camera that took analogue tape. The camera was a Sony that took Video 8 cassettes . This format was a competitor to VHS  and had about the same recording quality. Through the use of an external  audio-visual  capture device we should be able to get a connection to the USB socket on the computer so we can save the content of the tape to a folder for future viewing.

After having a bit of a surf around You Tube the other night I came across a Vloger  ( Video blogger ) who is a professional photographer  in New York and he is prolific at posting zany videos. We looked at a tour of his studio/workshop. I think everybody who is a bit of DIY person with an interest in photography or video would love to have his setup. The Guy’s name is Casey Neistat and he seems to be a fifty ish old man but with a teenager hiding inside him!  An example he flight tested a trip on Emirates  travelling first class. He skate boarded down the isle and flew a drone round the inside of planes first class suite and all the while he was dressed up in a bright red track suit. Not really done in first class old chap but a heck of a lot of fun !

Up until a while ago you could play a commercially recorded DVD on your computer but recently Microsoft, during one of their upgrades removed this facility. W10 would still play an MP4 coded disc but not the format shop bought DVD’s are recorded in. After looking at this it was suggested that we should try VLC Media player. A good outcome as the disc played correctly.

This was the last meeting of our SIG until the second Thursday in February 2019. Have a good break everyone and we well see you again next year.


John Cordell



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