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Webpage update -- 12th.Oct.. 2018




 Music and Video Interest Group 

                      NEXT Mtg. 8th.Nov.. 2018

                                               Date : Second Thursday every month . Time :  12.00 pm

Report for Music and Video SIG  October 2018


We started the meeting talking about taking video and the means of holding the camera as steady as possible. The traditional method was always to use a tripod or monopod to get the steadiest shots possible. Most cameras of recent times have built in electronic stability devices and that helps to get a steadier image. However, these only can go so far and in a lot of cases to get a really smooth shot  extra assistance is needed. This is where the hand held gimbal attachment comes to the fore. These devices are like a pistol grip that has a floating platform on top that the camera attaches to. Once set up with the camera and the balance has been dialled in, the camera remains very steady regardless of the movement in the base grip. We watched a short video of two of these devices in action and the results were so smooth you could hardly detect any unwanted movement.  These gimbals are available locally in the shops and range from $ 200 for one suitable for a cell phone to $1000 suitable for a SLR or video camera to sky is the limit for the professional models. I showed a brief clip of some drone footage taken earlier this year on the football grounds adjacent  to the rooms. The drone is fitted with a three way gimbal and even though  it was very windy, the results were super smooth.

A short video of robotic arms was next on the list. Designed for studio use where a big range of continuous camera movement is needed. Made for taking shots from all angles when doing commercial product videos etc, the tracking of the arm is all worked out using a computer programme first. Even though we donít need one, oh what a great toy to play with !

Using Movie Maker editing programme, we made some revolving tiles of a type that you would put on the start and end of a just edited video. Also we looked at some examples of titles done on a plain background and some that were super imposed over photos.

With the new city library due to open on the 12th October we talked about the new facilities that will be available on the new technology floor. There is going to be video editing suites and recording studios available to use as well as lots of specialised computers to use. Even though bookings will be needed for suites, evidently they will be free to library members for amateur use.

John Cordell






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