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Webpage update -- 12th.April.2019



 Music and Video Interest Group 

                      NEXT Mtg. 9th.May 2019

                                               Date : Second Thursday every month . Time :  12.00 pm

Report for Music and Video SIG for April 2019


While setting up the gear we enjoyed the Piano music of Peter Bence playing Africa by Queen. Well worth a look and listen on YouTube. Give him a search, he has heaps of videos  and he is a brilliant pianist.

First up we had a demo of a WIFI adaptor for converting corded headphones to WIFI operation. The transmitter is about the same size as a small USB drive and plugs into the headphone cable. This is then paired to a phone or whatever source you are using. I bought it from the MI shop in the Sylvia Park mall when in Auckland last weekend. A good thirty five dollars worth. We used a pair of Bose on ear noise cancelling headphones for the demo. Sound quality was no different to using the cord plugged in direct.

Two of us made videos of “The city” between the four avenues. This was a set subject decided at the last meeting. Mike did a video on the city incorporating  past and present building and things that had changed since the earthquake. Also he incorporated TV news footage of the Mosque tragedy.

I then showed a video of the inner city trams running on the bigger of the two loops. Both of us were guilty of running over the time limit of the two minutes suggested so even though this was not a competition I would say we both came in first equal!

In haste to set up the camera and take a shot I forgot to turn on the external microphone so that resulted in a silent clip. We went into pinnacle editing programme and showed how to drop in another scene underneath with the appropriate sound. This covered the gap without any notice.

Mike asked about sequential titles suitable for the end of a video. Several ways were tried with great success  Dropping in titles to overlay over a clip was also shown. As these editing programmes are quite involved and take a lot of learning, it is good to have the input of others and we all had something new to take away.

John Cordell








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