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Webpage update -- 10th.Aug. 2018




 Music and Video Interest Group 

                      NEXT Mtg. 13th.Sept. 2018

                                               Date : Second Thursday every month . Time :  12.00 pm


Report for  Music and Video SIG August 2018


The group started the session looking at a video made by Mike. When he was visiting Central Otago he could see a storm coming towards them and at night there was a spectacular show of thunder and lightning. Mike was able to capture this on his video camera and he edited it with a musical sound track along with the thunderous  sound effects. The music chosen was the Ride of the Valkyries.

We found a copy of the Ride of the Valkyries on an internet site call ď archive.org ď  This site came up when we searched for the music and you can download music from the site in various formats. We used  mp.3   This site has archives of music, books, art, and talking books  and it is an interesting site to look at. A lot of the music has several versions available so you can listen to them all and choose one that is suitable to do the job you want.

Next up the group looked at a couple of short videos, one another cringe worthy 1950ís British car advert, then one from the American Film Academy on how they are making digital copies of all the old Motion Picture Films put out by the big studios. As the films get older and more brittle a lot of preparation goes into the process before being copied on a telecine machine. Sometimes if there is more than one copy of a film pieces from one film can replace parts of a second one to cover any damage that has occurred. Each frame of the film is photographed three times and when fully digitized it then goes through a colour correction process to keep the new copy as close to the original as possible.

After a short tea and coffee break we had a brief talk about copying video to DVDís. This will be one of the subjects for next month where two different ways of doing this will be demonstrated.  The topic of titles used at each end of your edited videos was also raised and we will also go through the process of applying them next time.


Joh Cordell







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