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Webpage update -- 15Jun2018



               Music and Video Interest Group 

                      NEXT Mtg. 12th. July 2018

                                               Date : Second Thursday every month . Time :  12.00 pm

Report for Music and video SIG June 2018


The group started with a recap of last month’s topic of converting old VHS tape to files in the computer. It is good to see that Judy, with the help of Gale, now has her Audio grabber set up and is now able to convert her tapes.

Copying big files ( over five GB ) when using a USB Drive or an SD card will not work using the standard default  format setting  of FAT32. However this can be overcome by reformatting the drive using NTFS. This will work on most computers but we found out that NFTS is not compatible with cell phones. The file we tried to copy was 9.3GB. In the end we reduced the file size down to approx. 3.5GB and transferred it to the phone, having formatted the Micro SD card back to FAT32.

The reason that the above came about was that I had made a music video  compilation about 1 hour 30 minutes  long, stringing the clips together  using Windows Movie Maker. I have made several other shorter ones that came under the 5GB size so had no trouble in the past of copying and pasting  across. If you are travelling say on a long flight these compilations are a good way to pass the time.

For those who listen to the local radio stations but would like try something a bit different, we bought up Internet radio on the laptop and looked at all the different types of stations that are available. It is interesting to see that each station lists how many are tuned into it and also the bit rate that they are broadcasting. We first tried www.internet-radio.com.  This site has hundreds of stations from all round the world in every genre imaginable. We tried a jazz station and a classical one. We also tried  www.tunein.com/radio/newzealand  and that site has a lot of podcasts on heaps of subjects as well as music.

Finally a bit of history.  Last week I was introduced to a person who’s Christian name was Elmo. That name rang a bell, no not Sesame Street !,  then I remembered when I started work in 1964 the company I worked  for , imported Elmo movie cameras and projectors in 8mm, super8 and 16mm formats. From memory it was quite a popular brand in it’s day. The organization was founded in 1921 and they made their first 16mm projector in 1927. Production of cameras and projectors continued up until 1983 when sales fell off due to the introduction of video. I wondered if the company is still going and yes, they started to make CCD cameras and document cameras in 1988 and nowadays have facilities in Japan, Europe and the USA.  An interesting bit of research.  


John Cordell




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