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Webpage update -- 17th.Nov..2019



 Music and Video Interest Group 

                      NEXT Mtg. 13th.Feb. 2020  To Be Confirmed

                                               Date : Second Thursday every month . Time :  12.00 pm


Report for Music and Video SIG November 2019

The last formal session for the year started by watching a short music video played by a group called Hotclubde Pira Cicaba. They played a classical piece by Paganini but in jazz style. The solo guitar playing was outstanding. We then searched for other works by Paganini and listened to the same piece again but played as the composer intended it by a full symphony orchestra. An interesting exercise.

We then looked at version 22 of the Pinnacle video editing programme. This group discussion was most informative and it is now much easier to navigate round the Import and Edit stages. It is great when everyone contributes with ideas that fall into place.

We ended with another Music video, this time by Lola and Hauser, a pianist and cellist respectively. They played the theme music from the musical  La la land as well as acting out parts as per the original show. The video editing was very creative with the picture fading from monochrome to colour and the sound track being cross mixed with the original film score and their own playing. A very entertaining piece to watch and listen to.

John Cordell













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