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Webpage update -- 13th.Sept..2019



 Music and Video Interest Group 

                      NEXT Mtg. 10th.October 2019

                                               Date : Second Thursday every month . Time :  12.00 pm

Report for Music and Video SIG September 2019 

As a prelude we had a music video playing while awaiting the start of today’s session. A young Canadian singer, Joey Niceforo sang  “Winner takes it all” with a full orchestra backing in the Abby Road studios in London. Joey is a trained classical singer but sings a wide variety of music from opera to pop and has several You tube videos.

We welcomed three new members , Paul, Julie and Brendan to our group today and two of the demonstrations were in response to their requests.

With modern cars today the entertainment systems, (ie the car stereo in the old way of describing it) in a lot of cases no longer have a CD player. Playing music other than listening to the radio is now done by plugging in a USB drive or SD card or Bluetooth connection or wired USB connection to a cell phone or MP3 player. How to record a CD to a folder in the computer was demonstrated using Windows Media Player. The music files were then copied to a USB drive as well as a cell phone and the results played back. When a CD is ripped using the Windows Media Player the finished file is automatically placed in the Windows Music  folder. It is from there that you can copy and paste to other devices.

Next up we basically did the reverse of the above. We selected a music file already stored in a folder and burnt it to a CD, again using Windows Media Player. We did the copy in the MP3 format as that is fairly universal, in that most players will play that type of file. However there are choices such as Wave and Flac formats that you can choose also and they will be of higher quality if your intention is to play the music on a decent HiFi system.  Most modern laptop computers that you can buy nowadays do not have built in CD drives. This can be overcome by purchasing an axillary one that plugs into a USB port.

The term “ripped” is used when copying content from a CD and the term Burn is used when putting content onto a CD.

Windows Media Player comes as standard issue with W10 and is a versatile and quite easy programme to use. Not having ripped or burnt any CD,s for about four years, I got straight back into it after a few minutes of practice.

Mike mentioned that he was having difficulties getting his Pinnacle editing programme to open and play MOV files out of is new video camera. After a brief attempt we could not get it to work. This subject is ongoing and will be bought up again in the near future.

John Cordell














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