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Music and Video SIG Meeting Report  


Report for Video and Music SIG Thurday 8th February 

An informal discussion on what did you do over Christmas started the proceedings. Gale told us he recently bought an electronic device called a Raspberry Pie. This is a mini computer that connects to the internet and provides TV reception onto any video display. The quality of picture was first class. The device ran a  programme called Librea  on a platform call a Codi Media Centre.

Judy said she spent “storm week” keeping out of the rain at Kaiteri.

My wife Sue, daughter Nicky and I spent eight days in Tasmania. We travelled round the Island by car. The camera’s  had a good workout with a hole pile of “Stills” and about an hour of video. We spent a day on a vintage railway that was originally built to carry copper from the mines in Queenstown to a coastal port of Strahan. My video camera battery went flat about three quarters of the way through the day so had to finish filming using my DSLR. Remember the days when you had to set a camera manually and actually have to focus it ! To get a stable image I used manual focus on each shot so there would be no focus shunting. You have to video using live view on the LCD screen so if you leave it on auto,  reflex cameras have a hard job of keeping a steady focus.

Next up we briefly discussed recording music videos from You Tube. This was demonstrated on my laptop. Well it would have been if the YTD programme had of worked properly. Not till I got home and installed the  update did it come right. Evidently the suppliers of the programme stopped the version I had from playing till the new  update was installed.It is all sweet to go again now.

After a quick cuppa, we all went outside onto the playing fields and watched my new drone takeoff, hover, fly around, then land again. All this was recorded on the video SD card in the drone. The camera, capable of 4k recording,  is suspended on a three way gimbal. Even though it was very windy and the drone was being buffeted quite badly, the picture that we were watching on the controller was rock steady. We then put the SD card into the projector and watched the result on the screen. As it was only the second time I had flown it, I was very happy with the result.

John Cordell










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