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Music and Video SIG Meeting Report  


Report for the Music and Video SIG on Thursday March 8th  2018


With the continuation of great weather into early March,  we had four apologies prior to this month’s meeting. Three people were away on holiday and another member was in hospital so there was just a core group present. I had just come back the day before from a “boys’ trip” away. The new drone got a good work out photographing my friends five acre property up at Riwaka.  As the property is on the side of a hill the drone was able to get places not accessible after all the damage done by the recent storm.

One of the tutors, Ken  Poole gave me a copy of the Windows Movie Maker editing programme to try out.  This programme is no longer supported by Microsoft  but can still be downloaded from the internet. We gave it a brief try out and seems very easy to use. It would be good for simple editing tasks and putting titles on clips etc.

The group had a brief talk about downloading content from You Tube using the YTD download programme. This programme is a wonderful tool and it is so easy to use. If you see something of interest but would like to watch the video at a later date, this simple app can copy the content to a folder for later viewing. I use it a lot for music and documentaries  to watch while travelling.  Seniornet has a two hour workshop available showing how to download and use this app.

Copying to DVD and to folders in your computer, old video footage taken on VHS and the later digital tapes is still an ongoing process for a lot of members.  Copying a DVD is easy using an app like WinX but it takes a bit more to set up and copy old tapes. Next month ( April) we will set up some gear and demo this process.


John Cordell



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