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Update: 3rd.Dec.2018




and Individual Tuition Sessions

for MEMBERS only

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*****Help Sessions START after Xmas Break.....5th.Feb. 2019*****


HELP SESSIONS every TUESDAY from 12:00 to 200 pm



Fee only $5.00


The “Help” Sessions  are held from 12 to 2 pm each Tuesday  and

are for members needing help of any kind with your Computer,

Laptop, Tablets or Smartphones that

 can be resolved within approximately 30 minutes.

This allows time for other members who may be waiting to be attended to.


If a member’s problems are more involved alternative arrangements may need to be made.


Bring your LAPTOP / Tablet / Smartphone and Charger Unit

Membership Card or Number essential.



Individual Tuition Sessions

We also now offer individual Tuition Sessions to Members.

These are arranged firstly through the Bookings Secretary who will arrange for an appropriate Tutor to set up a time in direct discussion with the Member.

Cost is $20 for a nominal 1-Hr. session



 Waiver Any information included in this web site is given in good faith and is to be taken at the recipients risk and imposes no responsibility or liability of any kind either on those providing such help or the tutors of SeniorNet Canterbury Inc

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