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Update: 15th.Oct.2018





Digital Imagery Interest Group 


Next Mtg. 11 Oct. 2018 

       Date : 2nd. Thurs. Monthly- 9:30 to 11:30


Digital Imagery SIG - Meeting Report - 13 September 2018





Judy Kirk is passionate about her close up and macro photograph.

 Macro is defined as 1:1 reproduction ratio or larger i.e. the image on the camera sensor is as large as or larger          than the subject size. 

            Generally a macro lens or lens with macro setting will take down to a 1:1 reproduction ratio.

            Judy has assembled the equipment shown in the image above.


            Camera Nikon D7200 with 105mm Micro-Nikkor lens, Nikon Speedlight Flash SB 5000,  Nikon Close Up Speed Commander Kit R1C1 includes:-            Wireless Speedlight Commander SU-800,   2x Wireless Remote Speedlight SB-R200,   Attachment ring SX-1 & adapter ring, 2 x Extreme Close -            Up positioning Adapters SW-11 for SB -R200,   Flexible Arm Clip Sw-C1and Diffuser SW-12.



           The SB-R200 units with diffusers are ideal for close up lighting.  Back ground lighting is achieved by hand holding the SB5000 and reflecting  off off       the white diffuser which is beside and behind the subject.

           The commander unit controls all three flash units.

          Judy showed various images with different lighting options.  When the camera lens is close to the subject it is important to consider the depth of field      in the image and so a small aperture should be used.  Live view of the image can be used for manual focussing but must be switched to viewfinder mode to take the photo with the flash setup.

Discussion was had on the merits of focus stacking to improve the depth of focus in the image.  This is satisfactory for static subjects but for subjects such as insects likely to move, one image is all that can be obtained.

A lively meeting with plenty of discussion from members;


thank you Judy.


Brian Smith - SIG Coordinator








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