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Update: 26th.Nov.2018





Digital Imagery Interest Group 


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       Date : 2nd. Thurs. Monthly- 9:30 to 11:30


DIGITAL IMAGERY SIG  23rd.Nov. Visit Report.

Report on New Christchurch City Library Visit with members of the Digital Imaging SIG and the Music and Video SIG.


On Friday 23rd November, fourteen members meet at 11am for a tour of the fourth floor technology suite at the new library on the corner of Gloucester  and Colombo Streets.

On meeting  a member of the library staff we started the tour in the art room. This is a small space  complete with small kitchen that can cater for paper based art work, modelling design and even sewing as it is equipped with three sewing machines. Examples were shown of small objects that were designed then cut out on a Laser printer.

Next we went into a large store room that housed a large laser cutting machine. If someone does a design of an object, it is first of all scanned into the computer  and a digital pattern is made.  The staff member in charge of this process then placed a sheet of plywood on the bed of the machine and the laser head then proceeded to cut out the shape. Depending on the material being used the laser produces a bit of smoke that is vented to the building exterior and the machine is water cooled. A really cool bit of kit.

We were then taken into the recording studio that consisted of two  sound proofed rooms, one  for the talent and one for the person  operating the recording desk and computer. The suite is equipped with several  different  types of microphones ,  a piano keyboard and several  instruments that  can be used for recording. In the sound mixing room,  there was a complete recording desk with computers that held the recording software  and monitor speakers etc. Another computer setup complete with piano keyboard was available for editing work just recorded and for composing of new music. A green wall is also available for video recording where the subject can be separated and superimposed over other backgrounds in post editing.

The final facility we viewed was the computer based  photo and video editing suite. The software installed was Final Cut Pro and there was sixteen work stations set up for people to use. They run classes for both photography and video post  production and anyone can use the facilities free of charge as long as it for personal  use and not commercial. Also demonstrated  in this room was a 3D laser printer and we watched the machine make a cooker cutter.

Associated with all of this facility there was lots of peripheral gear like big screen television monitors, racks of headphones and all the other electronic devises to make an enjoyable experience. Yes, even some small robots to play with operated by apps loaded onto tablets.

Overall our impressions were that this is a fantastic facility available free of charge to any Christchurch citizen who wishes to use it.

To conclude our visit we all gathered at the café on the ground floor and indulged in a really nice lunch.

John Cordell






























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