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Digital Imagery SIG Meeting Report  8 March  2018

Jenny produced an after-market camera battery which had become swollen.  This can make it difficult to remove from camera.  Usually batteries can be left in cameras when not in use. 

However take out the standard AA battery when storing the camera.

John demonstrated his flat-bed Canon scanner (Canoscan 9000F Mk II).  Documents up to A4 can be scanned.

The interesting part is scanning pictures, 35mm slides and negative film.

This scanner will take 2 6x4 pictures placed together and produce good results.  The resulting image needs to be put into a folder in My Pictures or just Pictures.

When scanning colour negative the emulsion side (the dull side) needs to be placed down on the flat bed. The resulting image becomes a positive.  Note that film has to be put in a holder to keep it flat.

For 35mm slides the “commercial printed side” must be face up so that any text or car number plates are correct.  How often have we mounted slides back to front for viewing in a projector.

The whole process of scanning is fascinating.

Jenny produced an image of a seagull with a plastic bag stuck in its throat and hanging from its beak.  No doubt the bird would die as it could not eat.  The problems with plastic out in nature.

This was a very interesting meeting.

Margaret G









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