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Report for Music and Video SIG November 2017


First up, after welcoming back Judy from her recent overseas trip, was a demonstration of two action video cams. A selection  of camera  mounts were shown ranging from cycle helmet  attachments, windscreen suction mounts and waterproof mounts for activities like boating and surfing. Some clips were shown, with the camera mounting using a variety of these mounts. The GoPro brand comes with an underwater backing plate as well and my son has previously attached it to his surf board.

Paul bought along his camera that was a similar one to the GoPro. One advantage with this camera is that it has a LCD screen on the back so you can see what you are aiming it at. The GoPro does not have that but with the wide angle lens, generally you get what you aim it at. The range of mounts available for both the cameras seemed to be about the same. However, when Paul  was  inserting the SD card the camera swallowed it never to be seen again so we could not see the results of what he had filmed.

Another  recent  development of videoing  using drone cams was discussed and some YouTube video clips were shown to demonstrate their use. Just by chance the football clubs groundsman walked past our rooms  and heard our discussion. He walked in and showed us his own drone that he flies round the football club fields. He bought it from China at low cost and said it flies really well. One of these devices  is on my wish list of toys to own  so we may do more on this subject  next year. Just think of all the steam train video that would be possible!!!!

Best wishes for Christmas and the new year to our members and we will be back with the next SIG  on the second Thursday of February 2018


John Cordell







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