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Update 2nd.Feb 2019


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Advanced Excel ($50)                                                    To Return to Courses Availability...... Click HERE
Four 2-hour sessions. The Course builds on the basics Excel Workshop.Formulae, Macros, 3-D Spreadsheets and related skills will be covered.
The lessons cover the basics of the Home screen, navigation buttons, external switches and sockets etc. How to set up WiFi, accessing the All apps screen, add or remove home screen icons, close open apps. Setting up a Google and/or email account, using the camera and viewing photos. 

The course is based on Excel 2007 but is applicable to other versions.  The first week includes:  Exploring the basic worksheet; Editing a worksheet; Data entry; Selecting cells and Editing worksheet.  In week two: Changing the screen display; Formatting a worksheet; Printing a worksheet.  Week three covers an introduction to the basics of and how to use formulas and functions in a worksheet.  In the final week we look at Managing and filtering data: Creating a chart: Using drawing tools and other uses of a spreadsheet.

Publisher (Desk-Top Publishing)  ($30)                                          To Return to Courses Availability...... Click HERE
Two 2-hour sessions. The course is written for Microsoft Publisher but also applies in general to other versions. Learn how about Publisher’s numerous tools that can be used to create all manner of interesting and useful publications such as brochures, notices, calendars, certificates, greeting cards etc. Insert and format tables, pictures and WordArt, add borders and colour schemes for a creative and satisfying result.

Using Picasa (Photo Organising Program)  ($50)               To Return to Courses Availability...... Click HERE

Four 2-hour sessions – Picasa3 is a free photograph viewing and organizing program. This Course covers many of the functions of Picasa.  The program has easy-to-use basic photo editing functions to allow some image problems to be corrected, and has a powerful search function to help locate mislaid pictures.  Create a picture collage or poster, add a border, print using various layouts, make a gift CD with a self-starting slideshow.  Picasa does not store photos but accesses them from the My Pictures folder. The program is a good starting point for anyone interested in digital photo editing

Digital Picture Editing ($30
The course comprises two 2-hour sessions to giving you a working knowledge of the program. IrfanView is a simple and easy-to-use program for opening, cropping and resizing photos and a good introduction to basic photo editing.  The course covers the installation of the free program and how to use many program options.  The IrfanView will be available at the course and can be copied to a USB Pen Drive or downloaded from the Internet, it is compatible with all Microsoft operating systems.