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File Management Part 1 (2 Weeks $20)       To Return to Courses Availability...... Click HERE

This course is the first of two File Management courses, each of two weeks. The course will help you understand the way files and folders are organised on your computer, and will help you avoid the annoying problem of lost files. The skills learnt enable you to take control of files and folders and enable you to take more advanced Courses and Workshops. Course covers Windows 10 Desktop: defining Files, Folders, Apps & Programs.  Examines File Explorer, organization and layout; The Folder hierarchy; File names and File Extensions. Making use of a USB Pen Drive.

File Management-Part 2  (2 Weeks $20)    To Return to Courses Availability...... Click HERE

This 2 week course is the second of the File Management courses and extends the skills learnt in File Management Part 1. You will learn how to manipulate Windows, use the Snap option.  File Explorer layout options, changing views in the Contents Pane. How to pin a Shortcut to Taskbar and Start screen. Personalize your computer to look and work the way you prefer, change Desktop background colours. Rearrange the layout of your files and folders; Create new folders and rename files and folders; File Options; Using the Search facility; Delete files and folders and use of the Recycle Bin. 

Introduction to Computers 1  ($20.00)    To Return to Courses Availability...... Click HERE 

A 4 week course for new members who have not used a computer before, or for members who wish to refresh their basic computer knowledge.  The course covers the basics of computers using the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system and is designed to reduce any fears or worries you may have about computers in general.

Introduction to Computers 2 ($40)       To Return to Courses Availability...... Click HERE
This four week course is recommended as a progression in the learning process and follows on from ‘Introduction to Computers One’. Course uses Microsoft Word 2010 as a basis to learn and understand the process of saving documents to specific folders and locating and opening again. How to save to and open files, use of a USB Pen Drive. Office Word document window layout and use of the Ribbon to access menus, tools and other editing and formatting functions; using copy and paste.  Use text formatting options, font, point sizes and colours.  Insert Clip Art, Word Art and pictures.  The skills taught in this Course are an essential part of building confidence with computer use and is a basis for understanding files and folders before moving on to File Management and other more advanced Courses.